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Law clerk Lawrence " Larry " Jordan had recently graduated from law school and was an intern at the Brooklyn District Attorney office. Noticing the rise of crime , Jordan decided to become a costumed crimefighter using technology, and used his interests in radio and electronics to create his equipment, including a cowl radio system that allowed him to listen in on police reports and special skates that enabled him to travel along telephone lines. He was accompanied by an outspoken parrot named Static, who occasionally aided him in battle and, for narrative purposes, gave him someone with whom he could converse in order to provide exposition to the reader.

His superhero activities were noticeable enough for a fictionalized President Franklin Roosevelt to request his participation in the All-Star Squadron. Larry Jordan retired from his career as Air Wave in and married Helen soon afterward.

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Their son, Harold Hal , was born as Jordan continued his research into radio wave conversion. Joe Parsons was an escaped convict who took revenge by breaking into Jordan's home. Larry's costume malfunctioned as he tried to protect his family and he died from a shotgun wound to the chest. After Larry's death, Helen donned the Air Wave costume and brought the killer, Joe Parsons, to justice, but never wore the suit again.

When her son Harold entered high school , Helen sent the boy to live with his cousins in Dallas as she slowly succumbed to mental illness. At a young age, Harold was found to exhibit the power to transmute into energy. Just as his father had modified his helmet and was preparing to train him to use his powers, Larry was killed. Eventually, Harold decided to follow in the footsteps of his father's career and took up the mantle of Air Wave. When his character was introduced, it was also revealed that he was a cousin of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan , with whom he shares the name.

Air Wave continued as a supporting character, though not in every issue, of Green Lantern and his co-stars of the time, Green Arrow and Black Canary , showing young Harold how to be a superhero.

A new study found that plants don’t absorb as much pollution when stressed.

Green Lantern vol. For the next couple of years, he appeared in the secondary stories of Action Comics the cover story almost always starred Superman , often alternating with the Atom.

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At some point, he became able to control his transmutation to energy without relying upon his father's equipment. When Air Wave was recruited by the Institute for Metahuman Studies to join a group of highly capitalist superheroes called the Captains of Industry Firestorm 88 , he used the code name Maser after undergoing extreme gene-modification at the hands of Doctor Moon. This group was relatively short-lived and he soon resumed using Air Wave as his moniker.

His next major appearance was in the JSA story arc JSA 11—12 involving super-villain Kobra 's plot to seize control of the world's media resources. When freed by the JSA, the seriously weakened hero destroyed Kobra's satellites, which were targeted to annihilate many of Earth's cities.

During the " Infinite Crisis " company-crossover storyline, Air Wave joins a team of superheroes, including Animal Man , Cyborg , and others that travel into space to help investigate a destructive spatial warp.

Air Wave almost instantly detects the cries for help coming from the ships being affected. In Infinite Crisis 4, these cries overwhelm him, and he splits into millions of radio waves that fly off in different directions. He is one of the billions of Black Lanterns transported by the Black Lantern planet Xanshi to Earth for the final battle. In France, the authorities issued hundreds of warnings, hoping to avoid a repeat of the devastating death toll the country suffered in a heat wave.

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That was believed to have contributed to almost 15, deaths. Volunteers could be seen on the streets of Paris on Thursday handing out water, and City Hall introduced restrictions on cars because of air pollution. In Germany, all but the northeastern coastal region was under a heat warning, with officials urging people to drink enough fluids and avoid going outdoors in the afternoon hours. In Austria, the national railway service began painting stretches of track in white, in the hopes of preventing them from getting so hot that they would bend.

Similar projects were taking place in parts of Germany and Switzerland. The hottest summers in Europe in the past years have all come in the past 17 years, scientists say.

Israel-Gaza: Israel vows to investigate civilian death claims

Several heat waves have been linked to human-caused climate change — and in the years ahead, they say, many more are likely to scorch temperate zones like northern Europe. In Belgium, where the temperature reached , people and infrastructure alike struggled to keep up. Despite the heat, passengers were not allowed to open windows or leave the train for three hours because of safety concerns.

Commuters on a crowded subway train had it a bit better in London, where the weather led to some odd sights.

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After a sweating man in a half-unbuttoned, pink-striped shirt opened a window on the train, sweltering passengers made rare eye contact, trading looks of approval and relief. But health officials and planners were already talking about the next heat wave, and how to soften the impact of rising temperatures without resorting to air-conditioning. Europe accounts for just 6 percent of the global share of air-conditioners, compared with 23 percent for the United States and 35 percent for China, according to a report by the International Energy Agency. In Germany, the figure is below 2 percent.

The architecture in many European countries once helped keep cities and towns cool. Experts have suggested that some simple steps may help, like placing shutters inside buildings, not outside, where they bake in the sun.

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