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Karjalainen, L. Tilastotieteen perusteet. Ristiina: Pii-kirjat. Alakohtaisia sovelluksia esim. Hoitotieteen tutkimusmetodiikka. WSOY: Juva.

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Option 2 virtual learning : Virtual studies 70 h, exercises 65 h. Work Placements More exact information on the work placements linked to the course shall be provided by the teacher during the first contact lessons of the course. The student can analyse differences between research and development methods and apply the methods to his or her work in an argumented manner.

The student can review the strength and weaknesses of his or her own work. The student is capable of acting in line with the principles of research ethics.

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The student can communicate the research and development plan in an analytical and objective way, both in writing and orally. The student is familiar with the principles of research ethics. The student recognises possibilities of application research and development methods. The student is familiar with the key research and development methods and can describe their differences.

Further information about possible course-specific arrangements is available from Course tutor. Eskola, J.

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Option 1 classroom learning : Lectures 40 h, exercises 30 h, virtual and independent studies 75 h. Sign language alphabet.

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