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Wrath has no problem taking the half-breed woman under his protection. Pride Mates , by Jennifer Ashley Shifters are not welcome by humanity, sent to live in areas and towns for their own kind. Women either love him or fear him, except for Lily Rutledge. Instead, she needs his help with her nephew, a young boy who has become a bit wild.

She has feline DNA. Savage Hunge r , by Terry Spear Kathleen McKnight is searching for the man who saved her life when she was taken prisoner by a drug lord in the Amazon rainforest. She hopes that by tracking down Connor Anderson, she can start to heal. The Smoke Thief , by Shana Abe Set in England where dragons are very real, a shapeshifting marquess is after the jewel thief causing quite a stir amongst the cities rich and wealthy.

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The heroine is a war veteran reincarnated into a symbol of vengeance. For readers who like their paranormal romances with lots of action, explicit detail, and powerful groups of women, The Unleashing is the first book in what will assuredly be your new favorite series. Second Sight , by Amanda Quick A delightful paranormal historical romance where a spinster finds a spot of adventure in the way of secret societies, psychic abilities, and enigmatic alchemists. And Zelda , our princess of course, is a recovering alcoholic who cannot figure out what to do with a superhero.

I love a romance where the hero and heroine have no reasons for the relationship to work, but they work at it and figure it out. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I got a complimentary copy form NetGalley in return for an honest review. Amazing chemistry that blew me away, great characters that are authentic and strong, a good beginning and even better ending I think I'll read the other books in the series too. It was wonderful to read about a heroine who had a will of her own, a tortured past and more than just a beautiful body.

Jun 22, Sheryl C. Feb 19, donna rated it really liked it. He was the knight that wants to save and protect the innocent. She's not all that she seems.

He's always been the planner and play it safe. What happens when the two meet? Read the story and find out!

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Feb 20, Bettina Bull rated it really liked it. Great read Fresh storyline and great characters.

Enjoyed the story development and the surprises that were revealed. I hope Faith can relax if featured in another book since she was a little too aggressive in speech to suit me. Apr 29, A rated it liked it. Throughout the whole book the h battles at low self esteem and feels unworthy of love. She has a checkered past and acknowledges her life for what it was. The H thinks he is better than h as she is a playgirl who doesn't contribute to much and is a parasitic friend to his sister.

After 3 days of sex and games the H changes his tune and falls for her! This book is radically different from the typical harlequin books with virginal hs and pseudo alpha Hs with their tendency to be blind to the aforesaid virgins who are goody two shoes and think of them as sexually active and be proven wrong. Here the h confesses to zonking out and waking with strangers and experimenting in drugs and alcohol and multiple one night stands and binging and the H is the goody two shoes but still comes across as a guy!

Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous. Bestselling author Heidi Rice's Tempting the Knight is the second story in the multi-authored series entitled Fairy Tales of New York, four books about four best friends and the men they hopefully find their happily-ever-afters with. Zel Madison is a highly successful model who is as known for what she does on the runway and in front of the camera as she is fo Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.

Zel Madison is a highly successful model who is as known for what she does on the runway and in front of the camera as she is for her supposed antics off and away from both. Her best friend's oldest brother has never seen her as anything more than a troublemaker, the bad girl who got his baby sister in trouble when they were in private school, and Zel's own opinion of Ty Sullivan went south as soon as she recognized the judgment on his handsome but disapproving face.

Ten years later, Ty reluctantly comes to her rescue and the two get to know each other better when Zel spends the long holiday weekend on his houseboat and forces them to see one another in a completely different light. Stories involving the sibling of a lead character's best friend are a favorite trope in romance novels, regardless of the age group. The unique thing in this book is that neither Zel nor Ty had any secret, forbidden crush on the other.

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In fact, their opinion of one another is largely negative, save for the fact that they aren't blind to the knowledge of just how good looking the other is. Both the lead characters have had difficult pasts that have shaped them when it comes to their families but in very different ways. I felt bad for Zel because as much as her brother Sebastian may come off as a bastard, I think he actually does love his sister but is still dealing with survivor's guilt.

Of course, we'll get to his story next and hopefully all will be resolved between the siblings then. As for Ty, being the oldest child gave him a completely different perspective as to what life was like in their family and he understandably put some blame on his parents. So far, I've enjoyed the two available books in the series and have the third one waiting to be read and reviewed on my tablet. Zel is a strong heroine, one who has battled her own share of personal demons and continues to do so, and Ty is the kind of hero any girl would love to have, someone who is ready to swoop in and save the day, but watching these two transform and evolve was both fun and sigh-worthy.

They were obviously a great couple when everything was good, but reading about how they had to deal with the stuff thrown their way together showcased whether they were worthy of having that "something more" and one that lasted longer than a long holiday weekend. On a side note, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that Heidi Rice's dedication suggesting another fairy tale-inspired series set in London with her fellow co-authors will actually push through.

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This second story in the Fairy Tales of New York Series can easily be read as a standalone though once readers have met the four boarding school friends they'll want to read them all! This particular story features Zelda, the bad girl of the group and Tyrone, her friend Faith's older brother. When Tyrone reluctantly answers an emergency call from Zelda at the precinct where she's being held on public indecency charge Nominated for a RITA Award in the category Contemporary Romance: Short! When Tyrone reluctantly answers an emergency call from Zelda at the precinct where she's being held on public indecency charges for some midnight swimming, he thinks that he knows everything about this woman and that it's all bad news.

But to his surprise, Zelda is much more than he bargained for, including having a heart that's been battered and bruised and in need of some TLC. When Tyrone finds that he wants to be the man to give that to her, Zelda is afraid to accept his overtures at face value. Can she learn to trust this man who embodies a white knight to her damaged princess? Zelda has suffered through the childhood trauma of losing her parents, then being abandoned to a life of boarding schools by her brother Seb who couldn't handle the responsibility of a teenage girl.

For several years she was on a downward spiral, but with the help of her friend Mercy, she's picked herself up, gotten help with her addictions and is not the woman the press makes her out to be any more. I liked her character, her strength of will, and her friendly and vivacious nature.

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Beneath her facade of flippancy though is a woman who is still searching for love. Tyrone on the other hand is the quintessential protective alpha male, a lawyer who champions the downtrodden and those in need of legal aid. Meeting Zelda again as an adult, he has expectations that she will be the same spoiled, willful girl she was as a teenager. But as they spend time together he realizes how wrong he's been and how much he has misjudged her.

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  8. The chemistry between them is smoking hot and leads to several steamy love scenes. What starts out as a weekend fling turns into more for both of them, though Zelda doesn't want to admit that she feels anything for Tyrone as she doesn't want to feel any more vulnerable than she already does.