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Leistung in Gruppen. Bierhoff Hrsg. Interaktion und Gruppe. Hidden profile discussion coding: Tracing synergy in group decisions. Brauner, M. Kolbe Eds. Log in. Toggle navigation. Home Studying Organization Research Service. Room: Room 3. Why dyads heed advice less than individuals do. Judgment and Decision Making , 14 , Gerlach, T. Predictive validity and adjustment of ideal partner preferences across the transition into romantic relationships.

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ISBN 13: 9783456835136

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Imagined contact leads to intergroup contact-seeking behavior. The mental simulation of a human—robot interaction: Positive effects on attitudes and anxiety toward robots. Who benefits from imagined intergroup contact? On the effects of rapport behavior and gender of a virtual agent in an instructional interaction. Traum et al. DOI: Is small group collaboration beneficial in large scale online courses?

An investigation of factors influencing satisfaction and performance in groupMOOCs. Looi, J. Polman, U. Reimann Eds.

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The protagonist, my Facebook friend: How cross-media extensions are changing the concept of parasocial interaction. Psychology of Popular Media Culture. Advance online publication. United in the name of justice: How conformity processes in social media may influence online vigilantism. Psychology of Popular Media Cultur e.

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Effects of user comments and ratings on the perception of online science articles. Detjen, H. Integrating volunteers into rescue processes: analysis of user requirements and mobile app conception.

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Health Communication , 30 , — My friends right next to me: A laboratory investigation on predictors and consequences of experiencing social closeness on social networking sites. They came, they liked, they commented: Social influence on Facebook news channels. Lindwall, P. Koschmann, P. Ludvigsen Eds. Journal of Language and Social Psychology , published ahead of print.

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Towards an integration of the learning perspective and the communication perspective in computer-supported instructional communication. Journal of Media Psychology, 25 4 , Hoffmann, L. Investigating the effects of physical and virtual embodiment in task-oriented and conversational contexts. Smile and the world will smile with you.