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A slinky Dorothy Dandridge plays the rapacious factory-worker who seduces an upstanding soldier. This lugubrious tale of urban alienation is director Martin Scorsese at his most sublime — until, perhaps, The Irishman on Netflix from tomorrow. This is one for the Police Academy purists, if such degenerates even exist. Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, George Gaynes et al are back in uniform, and are on the beat in the worst neighbourhood in town.

Not least is the towering figure of her grandmother Lady Violet Bonham Carter, a leading Liberal politician and feminist in her day, and a committed anti-fascist who was not only responsible for rescuing numerous Jewish refugees but was a hands-on Air Raid Warden during the Blitz.

As she points out herself, these family members might not be war heroes in the conventional sense, but they were heroes nonetheless. The pick of the Champions League matches is this game at the Estadio de Mestalla.

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Both sides, as well as Ajax, have seven points, but thanks to head-to-head records, the Blues will reach the next round if they win. The team and local volunteers transform a home for a Bolton family in order to create a quiet, calm space for nine-year-old William, who has a severe form of autism that leaves him hypersensitive to noise and, as a result, has trouble spending time with his siblings.

At , novelist Boris Pahor is the oldest living survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. A Mafia hit man whacks his way through half a century of US history in this Martin Scorsese masterpiece.

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Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron are paired for the first time in this Hollywood musical written by Phoebe and Henry Ephron parents of Nora and loosely based on a novel. They bring charm and warmth to a story about a love affair between a young woman and a man 30 years her senior — once her financial sponsor.

H is sense of mischief is intact throughout — his mother, he reveals, insisted on watching Deep Throat while accompanying him on tour — as he slips in the customary affectionate jibes at Rod Stewart, recalls his wars with the press in the Eighties and Nineties, and talks of how fatherhood and a brush with cancer have given him pause for thought as he looks to the future. It follows a Philadelphia couple Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose as their recovery from a shattering personal tragedy is derailed by a peculiar new arrival.

The new season begins not with the Hong Kong Open, cancelled due to unrest in the territory; instead, the South African Alfred Dunhill Championship will see Ernie Els lead a strong field. The Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, whose policies and electoral strategy could prove as significant as those of Nick Clegg back in , talks to Ranvir Singh about her policies. The Springwatch presenter presents the case for donating to the Woodland Trust. Planting trees is more important than ever; scientists and ecologists explain how they can lower carbon emissions, fight pollution and nurture wildlife.

This oddly compelling experiment, in which convicted murderers submit themselves to a range of tests in order to determine whether their actions were wholly voluntary or not, turns its attention tonight to Paul Aldridge, who was convicted of beating an elderly hitchhiker to death in In this film, based on the stage musical, Sally Adams Ethel Merman is a Washington socialite with no political intelligence and a monstrous self-regard.

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Not the ideal ambassador to tiny Lichtenberg, then? Frank Miller, the writer of the original comics, co-directs with Quentin Tarantino too and the result is a visually stunning, noirish thriller with interwoven storylines. Shula Maggie Mulubwa is a young girl who wanders into a village one day, and is soon accused of being a witch.

P ity the poor exhausted electorate. Interesting if very uncomfortable. The popular singer begins her sixth series by exploring the Great Lakes of America and Canada. The first stop is Cleveland, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — and yes, chanteuse McDonald does take time to belt out a few ditties on the way. This Leonardo DiCaprio-produced, Sundance Audience Award-winning environmental documentary tells the emotional tale of the near-destruction of the vaquita porpoise and the team of conservationists and journalists who are trying to save it.

An earnest, heartfelt film, albeit one that relies too much on a thriller-style narrative. The documentary series continues with two outstanding episodes combining wonderful footage with revealing interviews and insights from the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Rosanne Cash.

The first traces the sad story of Hank Williams, the man who reinvented the genre post-war before developing alcohol and morphine addictions and dying young. Expect an attritional opening, if the First Test is any benchmark. The genial host wheels out the big-hitters as Hillary and Chelsea Clinton arrive on his sofa to discuss the publication of The Book of Gutsy Women. Ahead of the Turner Prize announcement on December 3, this enjoyable film packs a lot into 30 minutes. This timeless musical is the most successful of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers partnership.

But he has a rival in the shape of dastardly designer Alberto Beddini Erik Rhodes. This diligent, imposing account of the wild Himalayan blizzard, which left eight climbers dead and many more in peril, has cloud-puncturing natural spectacle to spare, but its emotional stakes remain at sea level. For all its frozen grandeur, Everest lacks the vital sense of you-are-there terror. In an ever-shrinking world, groups that once managed to live in relative peace through separateness feel increasingly threatened, and some react with violence.

For every account of globalization that culminates in the capitalist paradise, there are others in which globalization results in world-wide anarchy or tyranny. At a first approximation, the best possible future follows the straight and narrow path between these unappealing alternatives. The narrowness of the path is determined by the combination of the spread of destructive technology and the difficulty of improving human nature.

In contrast to the divergent future worlds of globalization, all versions of anti-globalization are incoherent. Of course, one can imagine various details: less trade and travel; more robust boundaries; the elimination of ngo s; and a turning back of the clock, so as to restore cultural institutions that are in the process of breaking down. But the pieces do not add up, at least not on the level of the whole world. By its very nature, anti-globalization cannot be a global political agenda. Every worldwide conference or gathering of anti-globalization activists or politicians necessarily dissolves into self-contradiction — or worse, becomes a deceptive cover for some bad version of globalization, such as a worldwide communist revolution.

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While it is theoretically possible for individuals and small communities to opt out of globalization and its benefits, in practice this is not an option that all people in all countries will choose, at least not based on their own free will. The momentum towards globalization is hard to resist or to reverse. As a striking case in point, consider that even North Korea, perhaps the most autarchic state in the world, presents no exception to this rule.

The country has encouraged a certain dysfunctional version of global trade, as it exports heroin, ballistic missiles, and counterfeit currency, so that its governing clique can import cognac, German cars, and Swedish prostitutes. Although the trend towards globalization will not end by individual choice and cannot end by coordinated global action, one other possibility does remain.

Globalization may end by accident or by terrible miscalculation: It may end by world war. Thus, in spite of the many uncertainties surrounding the costs and benefits of a more globally integrated world, investors have no choice but to bet on globalization.

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There are no good investments in a twenty-first century where globalization fails 6. It is coeval with the modern West. Starting in the seventeenth century, the dawn of the modern era, the global state or market has become the sine qua non for this-worldly peace and security.


This already is implicit in the writings of Thomas Hobbes, the definitive political philosopher of modernity. For Hobbes, the natural state must be replaced by an artificial or virtual world over which humans have full mastery and control. The telos is replaced by the fear of the end, or the fear of death. In the state of nature, the war of all against all prevails; but under the artificial human world of the social contract, humans will become citizens by giving a monopoly on violence to the figure of Leviathan, a powerful monster that lives at sea.

To make explicit what is implicit, Leviathan cannot be merely the master of a given nation or kingdom, since then the state of nature would still prevail amongst nations and kingdoms. Locke and Smith sought to construct an ever greater Leviathan, in which systems of checks and balances in the sphere of politics, or global trade and commerce in the sphere of economics, would rule the world.

In the self-understanding of nineteenth-century Britain, history culminated in the empire of commerce. The British Empire justified its existence because it guaranteed a sphere within which free trade would take place among the nations of the world. It is no coincidence that the naval armaments race with Wilhelmine Germany foreshadowed the eclipse of globalization in the terrible years after The Continent shared the ideal of globalization, without the capitalist part.

Hegel dreamed of a final synthesis in which conflict would cease and give way to a peaceful and homogeneous world. He believed this took place at the Battle of Jena in , in which the forces of the universal Enlightenment prevailed over the old order.

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Even Nietzsche, the least peaceable of the philosophers, thought it best for the blond beast and the natural aristocracy to dominate the planet from Europe. This brief survey hints at the critical importance of the globalization project to the modern West. At various points, like a mirage in the desert, the goal of the project has seemed almost within reach, only to fail or be postponed every time, at least thus far. For the past three centuries, the great rises and falls of the West track the high and low points of the hope for globalization.

And whether by cause or effect or both, the abstract hopes of a global order also are mirrored in the virtual world of money and finance. The rises and falls of the globalizing West have been tracked by the peaks and valleys of the stock market.

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Almost every financial bubble has involved nothing more nor less than a serious miscalculation about the true probability of successful globalization. O ne already can discern this theme in the first great financial manias of the modern world, the twin booms of that swept France and Britain. In France, one had the System of John Law, one of the greatest financial innovators and charlatans of all time. At the height of the boom, the value of the Company approached the value of France itself — much as the market capitalization of the New Economy during the Internet bubble of — rivaled the capitalization of the entire Old Economy.

Respectable people did not really want to move to the New World. The next real plan to resolve them, a tax increase by the Estates General in , triggered revolution and the abolition of the monarchy. In the case of Britain, the financial mania of centered on the South Sea Company, which proposed to open the South Seas and all the great wealth therein to trade with Britain.

By trading with the opposite pole of the globe, the British empire of commerce would become universal. In the accompanying boom, a set of new ventures were floated. As in France, the bubble burst as investors realized that the commercial unification of the globe would prove more stormy and treacherous than expected.