Manual Warrior, Wimp, or Winner: What Role Do You Play in the Battle of the Sexes?

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Finally we have our female Luke Skywalker — an orphaned scavenger girl alone on the desert of Jakku.

Commentary: Historic role reversal will give us new women leaders

Rey is a truly transformative character. Her journey from lonely orphan to kick ass pilot and fighter is effortless. She never doubts herself, the scenes of her flying the Millennium Falcon are the most empowering scenes the Star Wars machine have ever produced. She is defined by what we are all hungry for — her power is derived by merit — she is the best fighter, the best pilot, the natural leader.

As she prepare to fight scores of Storm Troopers Han hands her a weapon.

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Padme and Leia have been important figures in the Star Wars series. But they have lacked authority, they are not protagonists, we love them but we are frustrated by their marginalisation. Rey is uncompromised and uncompromising.

She represents strength and power without limitations and apologies. There are other women that make this film a game changer too.

Battle of the Sexes Rules, Instructions, Directions

Leia is a stronger matriarchal figure now and Maz Kanata — the ancient female character that awakens the force in Rey — is a standout symbol of power and wisdom. I hope we see a lot more of her in future episodes. I have watched previous episodes of Star Wars with a deep ambivalence.

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My ambivalence has finally ended. I am no longer dreading the inevitable fact that this episode will be played on repeat in my house in the months and years ahead. The force must be SO strong she already knew everything about Rey and the plot. And then unprompted, she nailed why every adult woman is celebrating our new female heroine. She takes charge! She talks back! Contrast that to my Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella-filled childhood where passivity and sweet smiles reigned, not to mention all the rigid gender roles taught to me by my faith.

Sarah Galo is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Guardian, the New Republic and Hazlitt. I fell for Star Wars as year-old girl for any number of reasons — among them: I loved movies. I was utterly boy crazy Hi, Han Solo. And Princess Leia was a badass boss bitch. A next generation badass boss bitch that we and Princess Leia can be proud of.

Satisfying and also exactly as it should be — Rey basically tells Finn to get off her from the get go, and they end up being peers and friends and comrades.

Battle of the Sexes Rules, Instructions, Directions

Because, obviously — equal. I am such a Star Wars cleanskin, with almost zero contact with the franchise for most of my life. I knew absolutely nothing about what to expect when I entered the cinema but within 10 minutes I was a fully fledged convert.

A huge part of my conversion was Rey. But beyond that, she is believable in this universe. Her character was a genuine Jedi-to-be I hope and wish! I got a Chewbacca, a Leia-in-the-white-gown and an orange-suited Luke Skywalker.

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