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Here, they provide the perfect guidebook for helping men be the mentors that women need them to be — and show us all how this is a fight that men and women need to engage in together. In this book, she outlines a plan for overcoming the resistance to change. Most life journeys have been written by and about successful men. This book helps you understand the deep patterns in the journeys of successful women — showing what drives us to success but also to over-exhaustion — and how we can integrate masculine and feminine forces in our lives.

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This lively book for a popular audience covers our current understanding of all the major mass extinctions in the history of life and what they collectively mean for our future. Brannen interviewed paleobiologists, geologists and other investigators, tagging along on fieldwork and visiting their labs. Seashells have been an object of fascination throughout history, used as jewelry, currencies — not to mention as food.

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The book is easy to read and filled with fun science facts and studies. This eloquent and lucidly written book is a favorite of mine. It illustrates how science can solve some of the most vexing problems of the time. In this particular case, it was how to know the precise longitude of where one might be anywhere on the face of the Earth.

This knowledge was of vital importance to seafaring nations — it made the difference between finding safe harbor or being shipwrecked. This problem was so urgent and so impenetrable that in the 17th century, it spurred the British Parliament to pass the Longitude Act of It promised a prize of 20, pounds or millions of dollars today for a solution to this problem.

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This book is a gem and a joy to read. I just finished this excellent popular science book by talented science journalist Wadman. But her book really is gripping: it explores practices in medicine that would be unthinkable today and skillfully synthesizes a huge amount of research into a gripping and important narrative. Brown first came to my attention through her TED talk The power of vulnerability. Instead, it brings us into a fuller experience of community.

This message meant a lot to me after I was forced by take a stand by myself. Drawing on the lives of individuals, this book speaks to the challenges and opportunities of aging. Its perspective is that the third stage in life is like a third youth. Youth does not fade with age, as long as we refuse to be defeated, continue to learn and grow with a positive attitude, and enjoy the spirit of challenge.

This book inspires readers to seek an inner revolution throughout their lives. This incredibly insightful book details the underlying motivations and behaviors of those with narcissistic personality disorders. It also describes the interpersonal relationship characteristics between individuals with NPD and others at work and at home. What role do unconscious biases play in how we make decisions when we buy, think, vote, judge and convict?

The author does a great job of educating readers about the role of unconscious bias in a page-turning, interesting way.

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I believe that this is a very timely book for anyone puzzled by our current political environment. It provides an excellent glimpse into the people, politics and maneuvering that surrounded the creation of our current system of government. An utterly readable, intimate examination by Gay TED Talk: Confessions of a bad feminist about living as a fat black woman. This is the true story of Itzler, who decided to invite a Navy SEAL to live with him and his family for a month — and then tried to keep up with his physical regimen.

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This book teaches you that if you push hard enough, there is more to find within yourself. This memoir of life before, during and after the Holocaust was written by a woman who went on to become a leading scholar of comparative literature. Kluger is a feisty feminist, unafraid to speak her mind, and full of piss and vinegar. This is an iconic memoir of a year in Auschwitz by an Italian Jew.

The Challenge for Africa by Wangari Maathai. This book by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, a real icon for conservation in Africa, has a special message. She inspires many Africans, especially young girls, to keep pushing for a better life. This fascinating book highlights the troubled past of a continent that has lots of potential and explains how Africa can use its culture, nature and self-belief.

It is a magnificent biography of British painter Sickert — , whose work followed the moment when modernism is born. He was like an early David Bowie, utterly committed to his art and offering us an alternate perspective on the world. Letters to a Young Scientist by E. Biologist Wilson TED Talk: My wish — build the encyclopedia of life tells his story and recounts his journey as a young scientist in pursuit of the wonders of the natural world. This work of nonfiction is a beautiful story that takes place in Joal, a Senegalese fishing village facing the challenges of overfishing and climate change.

With humor and poetry, the reader is taken on a cultural voyage full of myths, humanity and love. I love this novel because it helps you explore the world of senses through Mexican food. The fields of mathematics and art are deeply and profoundly interconnected. This beautiful book is an irresistible and impressive tour through mathematically inspired art, the philosophical force of seeing things from different perspectives, and the essence of mathematics.

A man comes back to New York from World War II to face the unremarkable cruelty of normal life — melancholy, the pursuit of love and passing seasons. The Conference of Birds by Peter Sis. This is a book you could read over and over for the rest of your life, at the very least for its graphic beauty. Sis animates a 12th-century epic poem by Sufi mystic and poet Farid ud-Din Attar that takes readers on a spiritual quest through adversity, uncertainty and human weakness through the metaphorical experience of birds.

All amounts rounded to the nearest dollar. Readers expect shorter books to be priced cheaper. With fiction and some creative nonfiction e. The word generally is important here because some retailers, like Amazon, attract bargain hunters, while others e. Longer books should almost always be priced higher.

After all, it takes more time and money to write, edit, and publish a longer book, and you should be compensated accordingly.

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Just keep in mind that going too high as a debut author might mean fewer people take a chance on you. Search for books in your genre and compare ebook prices. How much other authors are charging for their ebooks can narrow the choice for your ebook. If you price too low, people might think your book is subpar.

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