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Why do vulnerabilities pose security risks? What makes a vulnerability a zero-day? What can you do to help protect yourself from zero-day vulnerabilities?

Day Zero: how Cape Town stopped the taps running dry

Follow this security checklist to be sure you are doing everything you can to help keep your information protected from the security risks associated with zero-day vulnerabilities: Keep software and security patches up to date by downloading the latest software releases and updates. Installing security patches fixes bugs that the previous version may have missed.

Establish safe and effective personal online security habits. Configure security settings for your operating system, internet browser, and security software. Install a proactive and comprehensive security software to help block known and unknown threats to vulnerabilities.


There are a lot of reasons. Here are five. Read More. Zero-day attack example Stuxnet — a type of zero-day vulnerability — was one of the earliest digital weapons used. Things to remember about zero-day vulnerabilities Keep your software up-to-date to help protect yourself against a zero-day vulnerability. Check for a solution when a zero-day vulnerability is announced. Most software vendors work quickly to patch a security vulnerability. Cybercriminals will seek to exploit security holes and gain access to your devices and your personal information.

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They can use your information for a range of cybercrimes including identity theft, bank fraud, and ransomware. Always use a reliable security software to help keep your devices safe and secure. All-in-one protection.

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They'll issue the update as soon as they have it in an effort to thwart cyber thieves. It's most likely at that point that you will have any clue there is a problem, unless the attack has brought down computer networks on a large enough scale for the media to discuss it. A Zero Day is simply the term used to describe the first day a vulnerability of some kind is discovered by cyber security experts.

You could contract a related virus before experts even know about it in software you download, an email you open, a pop up ad or some link you click on a website; the list goes on and on.

Zero-day exploit: an advanced cyber attack defined

There is no way to completely protect yourself since no one knows where the next Zero Day attack will come from. There are different things you can do, however, to limit your exposure to the next Zero Day threat. Your best defense against any Zero Day threat is to install and regularly update a strong antivirus and malware protection program.

Free programs are useful to some degree but it's often worth the expense to open your pocketbook and purchase a pro or extended version from a reliable antivirus provider. Some programs work well in Windows, others work best on Macs , iOS or Android , and still others can work across many platforms.

Here are some tips to help you:. A proactive approach to computer security in general is the best way to combat any kind of threat, including Zero Day. Share Pin Email. She has authored 12 books and thousands, and she has worked for IBM and Microsoft.

What is a zero-day vulnerability?

Updated November 10, What type of antivirus software should you get? Android : Because you use your phone for everything from calls to surfing the internet, your Android antivirus app should block against malware, viruses, suspicious websites and more. The best possible scenario is to never use a. This is often common in the Linux community, where many users won't install a. Instead, they'll wait for the. By avoiding initial releases, you might be safe from at least any undiscovered zero-day vulnerabilities within the first offering.

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That doesn't mean the. If there are any, they could go undiscovered even until the next major release. On a regular basis, we hear of new vulnerabilities found in software that has been around for quite some time. As a developer , the best thing you can do is recruit as many beta testers as possible. This is where open source software has an edge over proprietary. With the source open to the public, anyone can vet and test the code. Also, beta open source software is generally released to the public so anyone can test.

Where do zero-days come from?

Proprietary software, on the other hand, often doesn't release betas to the public of course, there are exceptions. When an application has a limited amount of beta testers, fewer bugs are discovered, which leads to a higher probability of zero-day vulnerabilities. So in the end, users should hold off on adopting brand new releases and developers need to test, test, test before releasing to the public.

Finally, one thing you can do is make sure to submit bug reports to developers and companies. Bug reports are a great way for programmers to resolve issues with their software.