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In addition, the book provides information on all big public museums, on important state museums and regional Museums, and also on university collections. This is a highly informative and carefully presented book, providing scientific insight for readers with an interest in fossil record, biodiversity, taxonomy, or evolution, as well as natural history collections at large.

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Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Mr Harald Kastler. More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. AT: Your installations such as After Voices often energetically incorporate movement and music through the use of automated objects rather than live performers, drawing attention to the absence of bodies and to ghosts.

What has it been like to incorporate dancers, and the movement language generated by Meg, into you work? Has it shifted your artistic process in any way?

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JK: Ah, yes, in my initial conversation with Meg, we came up with our first keyword: ghost. I have been well known for making these bodiless crowd installations, like in After Voices. I used these ghost figures to talk about the fluidity of Indonesian history. The country has been governed by many different regimes for different purposes, so the way you see the history and identity of Indonesia is always changing.

With Meg we started to approach the idea of the ghost in more direct and personal ways, like through meeting a shaman. While Meg was in Bali she met somebody who became a medium to connect her with other worlds. While we were in Jogja [Yogyakarta] we went to see different cultural rituals like trance dance. To be honest, my impression of Meg before meeting her was that she was strong figure in the contemporary dance world. But no, I think she really makes a new piece as a new world, one that is different from what came before it. This was a nice surprise for me, as we were able to start the whole artistic process together from the beginning.

After Indonesia we came to Berlin and met with other dancers and musicians, who also have their own worlds. Everyone brought their own personal history to the piece, and had the space to test out different ideas. AT: Can you speak about your work with the collective and as a musician? Does it directly feed into the work you do as a visual artist? I was a student when the regime fell, and I think I was really taken by euphoria. It was like a dinner that everyone was invited to and people came with then-forbidden dishes, then-banned books, then-banned songs, then-hidden history.

It became a very new taste of life. This feeling motivated me to utilize art as a way to understand this new reality, and working in a self-supported collective fit our situation well, practically.

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In the collective we were very much driven by our concern to rewrite history. We did some pieces based on this idea, but we found out that it really is the work of a lifetime. In the meantime I developed my musical works into a more experimental presentation, combining it with other elements such as videos and installation, and ended up teaching myself visual art. Auf Ihrer Homepage gibt es jeden Tag ein anderes Motto. Nicht wirklich neue.

Ich glaube, es geht um Akzeptanz lacht. Zu akzeptieren, dass man nichts in einem Wort sagen kann. Welche Strategien haben Sie, um den Prozess zu einer kontrollierten Explosion zu bringen? Diese polyrhythmische Situation ist Grundlage der Komposition. Anna Viebrock entwarf ein sehr spielerisches Haus, das mit viel Fantasie in die Bewegungsoptionen eingriff. Es war jedoch kein psychoanalytisches Haus, mit dem Unterbewussten unter dem Teppich etc.

Nicht ganz. Meine Methode ist eher: Mache eine Bewegung, lass dich davon bewegen, liefere dich aus.

[Doku] Wunderwelt Korallenriff - Ein Paradies in Gefahr [HD]

Danach drehen wir das um. Wir eignen uns die Bewegung an und dirigieren sie, wir verantworten sie. Die Art, sich zwischen dem einen und dem anderen zu bewegen, Dinge zuzulassen und sie zu formen, gestaltet den Tanz. Der Tanz ist in den Shifts, in den Bewusstseinswechseln. Aber was bewegt uns? Ich sage immer, dass es mich interessiert, wenn eine Bewegung ihre Bedeutung verliert. Aber es geht Ihnen schon um etwas Bedeutsames. Bedeutungsvoll ist der Vorgang, etwas aus seinen Mustern, seinem Rahmen zu befreien.

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  6. Es ist eine Frage der Wahl. Manchmal baust du Dinge vor dir auf und willst sie direkt wieder zerschlagen. Bedeutung ist kein Zustand sondern eher eine Art Zug. Hat etwas eine Eigenenergie und wenn ja, wie komme ich da ran?

    Wie hat das aggressive Level der Diskussionen auf Sie gewirkt? Ich lebe hier auch, aber Deutsche bin ich nicht. Diese Angelegenheit ging um etwas, was offensichtlich mit sehr viel mehr als Fakten zu tun hatte. Aber ich will mich nicht auf eine Seite schlagen. Gibt es etwas, an das Sie sich noch nicht gewagt haben?

    An was habe ich mich noch nicht gewagt? Schwer zu sagen. Ich habe noch keine Oper gemacht. Aber will ich es? During the years of the dictatorship in Indonesia, the authorities tried to ban people from grieving, but failed. At the Kaaistudios, Indonesian visual artist Jompet Kuswidanto and choreographer Meg Stuart do the opposite, creating a space in which to express our troubles. For Meg Stuart, who operates out of Berlin and Brussels, was a good year.

    She also welcomed scenographer and visual artist Jozef Wouters into the Damaged Goods fold, and collaborated with various artists on a number of other projects. The most recent of these is with the established Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto, who is coming to create an installation as part of Europalia Indonesia.

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    Lighting designer Jan Maertens is also collaborating on the project, to which sound artist Mieko Suzuki and musician Ikbal Simamora Lubys add a new dimension. I was given carte blanche, but while we were consulting on how I might create a connection with Indonesia through my work, Arco also introduced me to Jompet.

    He showed me his work and also arranged a meeting in Berlin. After that, I travelled around with Jan Maertens and Mieke Suzuki for two weeks in the Indonesian region where Jompet lives — Jogjakarta on the island of Java — and to Bali to begin work. Jompet and the musician Ikbal Simamora Lubys are brilliant artists and I am delighted to be working with them.


    These themes were in line with a number of my interests and obsessions and so this became a true meeting of minds. I also wanted to create a relationship between light and voice. To look at how you can use your voice to shed light on something and can make sound and light resonate together.

    And how you can use the physical aspect of vocal work in a space — vocal parts, imaginary language, sound poetry, mumbling and murmuring — as a starting point for movement and dance material.

    Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures

    This all comes together in the installation that Jompet proposed and worked out in collaboration with Jan. It is a huge installation with a great many lights and other objects that we are still working on, and that will only fully come to fruition in Brussels. Thus Celestial Sorrow is a performative installation rather than a performance or an installation. You enter into a separate world and the Kaaistudios, which I know well, are the perfect place for this.

    It promises to be an intimate occasion. The country was supposedly prospering and, as a result, people were meant to feel good.